Quadruple Your Impact

As a Charidy Matcher™, quadruple the impact of your support while rallying the public to the cause you believe in.

How Charidy Benefits Matchers:

Crowdfunding for major donors

Extraordinary Value

Your pledge creates a massive snowball effect, as two fellow philanthropists and an entire base of micro-donors come forward to quadruple every dollar.

Instant Impact

Because Charidy only hosts goal-oriented, high-impact campaigns, we see buildings built, scholarships funded, mouths fed and aid delivered in record time.

Shared Responsibility

Your pledge is only collected if the campaign reaches its goal—it’s all or nothing. Everyone—nonprofit, donors and friends— feels responsible for success!

Broad Recognition

Charidy campaigns are socially-driven fundraisers. As a prominently featured Matcher™, your name will both inspire thousands to join your cause and give you the recognition you deserve.

How well does it work?

Since Charidy launched in 2013, Matcher pledges and individual donations have:

Raised $480.2 Million
Generated 1,241,000+ Donations
Completed 4432 Campaigns

...with hundreds of “small” donations of $125 or less and all in 24 hours or less!

*Combined Matcher™ pledges and individual donations